Added value for Seniors

There is a wealth of information, services, programs and support available for seniors. As needs arise, I can help you understand your options and access appropriate resources. The buying or selling process will be explained to you thoroughly, step by step. My goal is to provide guidance and support as you decide what is best for you!

What is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®

 We are REALTORS® who have a special interest in working with seniors. I have extra training and provide seniors with more services than just buying or selling their homes. Many programs and services are available for seniors to allow them to stay comfortably in their own homes for longer also called aging in place. I will direct you to services that match your needs. 

I am patient, a good listener and know what questions to ask. Based on your individual needs, options will be presented and guidance offered to help you make the decision that is right for you. If you have family members you would like involved, I will include them in all pertinent matters. I am constantly researching resources within the community as more are added.

Two Generations of Seniors

With increasing life expectancies, there are often two generations of seniors within the same family. The younger generation revaluates their lifestyle with children no longer living with them and retirement on the horizon. They may want a more flexible lifestyle that makes travelling easier and move from a house to a condo. Often an evaluation of how their present home suits their evolving needs results in some renovations and no move.

 The older generation of seniors may be facing challenges due to the loss of a partner or a change in physical or cognitive abilities. Because of my knowledge of community services available to assist clients to “age in place” comfortably, I can direct clients to appropriate services. There are also many financial assistance programs that I can provide information on.

The lines between the needs of the two generations is often blurred with health issues. the premature loss of a spouse or unexpected events. Most seniors at some point start to downsize. Downsizing is often thought of as moving to a smaller space, but is really making your space fit your needs. This can mean removing items no longer used or adapting your space to better suit your requirements. If either of these is too much for you or your family, I can direct you to businesses that specialize in these areas.