Information for Sellers 

1. When selling, know your competition which are similar home types in similar neighbourhoods. This is your market as well as your competition. Markets are very specific and constantly changing. Factors that affect the value of your home will be discussed with you. Location, amenities and neighbourhood features are general factors, but, in addition, the condition and improvements to your home are very specific. Therefore, online estimates can only be generalizations.

2. Your lender provides you with financial information including the balance owning and potential penalties on your existing mortgage. Preparing for the purchase of your next home is also part of their service. 

3. Are there potential legal problems?  Items such as liens, encumbrances, etc. on your title should be dealt with before sale. The purchase price must cover all the financial obligations on the title plus costs. Were improvements inspected? Houses need a current Real Property Report with compliance from your municipality. Does the current owner have capacity to sign a legal document?

4.  Price your home according to current market conditions. Your REALTOR® will show you comparable properties that have sold recently. A realistic price will be set for your property. Pricing too high often ends up getting you a lower price in the long run. It also is more inconvenient for you as you have to show it more often.

5.  Show your home at it’s best starting the first day on the market. You will sell your house faster when buyers can imagine themselves living in your home. I will evaluate your home and suggest ways to showcase your home’s best features.

6. Cooperate with showings by having your home ready to show. Be as flexible as possible and leave the property during showings.

7.  Make sure you understand the process of selling. Preparing your house is the first step. Providing a welcome atmosphere for buyers is also important. I will consult with you about a marketing plan. All of the steps of selling, properly executed, ensure you are in a strong position when you receive an offer.  

8. Be realistic during negotiations. The buyer has the same information that you do when an offer is made. Aggressive negotiation often result in no sale.

9. Meet commitments made in your contracts. Your team members will support and guide you.